Agriculture reform laws will be helpful in destroying the economy: Rameshwar Oraon

Ranchi: JPCC Chief and Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon on Tuesday claimed that with the new Agriculture reform laws capitalists would be entering into the farming sector which would ultimately help to destroy the economy of the nation.

Speaking during a signature campaign launched by the Mahanagar unit of the Congress party against the Agriculture laws he said that the three new laws which have been framed by the central government are anti farmers and are wrong. He said that farmers in Haryana, Punjab and Western Uttar Pradesh are opposing the bill.

Dr Oraon said that Rahul Gandhi has already announced that whenever Congress would come into power these laws would be scrapped. Over the Hathras rape incident he said that across the country leaders of the Congress party staged a silent protest over the issue.

He said that Congress was a party of Gandhiji and therefore the methods of Satyagrah and noncooperation has been adopted by the party. He said that the party has decided that it will not cooperate with the government and would stage Satyagrah over the support of their demands.

Dr Oraon said that earlier the capitalist were only in the service sector in the country but now the Modi government was bringing them in the farming sector which would be opposed by the Congress party on all possible fronts. He said that employment is a very big problem in the country and since the Modi government has come into power a slowdown has been witnessed in the nation.

He pointed that when Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister despite the entire world witnessing slowdown there was no impact on India but whatever steps Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking is against the economic interests.

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