Guide to your pre and post-workout hair care routine

New Delhi (IANSlife) As the temperature starts soaring in this part of the year, working out gets increasingly difficult. Sweating in combination with summer heat can make working out tedious and also play havoc on the health of our hair, especially for those who exercise every day. There is always a dilemma of washing your hair every day to get rid of sweat and dirt, as dealing with greasy, sweaty, messy hair is not worth it.

If you are also struggling with your messy hair — Agnes Chen, Technical Head, Streax Professional, shares a pre-and post-workout hair care regime to help you achieve healthy hair too!



Find a Workout hairstyle that works for you

Always keep your hair fresh for the workout session and find a hairstyle that works with your workout plans. Relaxation exercise people prefer a loose bun to keep their mediating state comfortable. However, if you are doing cardio, something more secure like a braid or ponytail could work to keep your hair away from your face so that your workout sessions continue for a long time without any obstruction.

Use hair accessories

It’s important to tie your hair in a neat style, away from the face. Use hair accessories and headgears like sweatbands, scrunchy clips, pins and hairbands to tame flyaway caused by humidity and hold your style in place.

Hair perfume and shine spray are the best

Traditional fragrance techniques tend to be loaded with alcohol, which can cause dryness if applied to hair. Hair perfumes have been designed pointedly for scenting your tresses, so they are free from any drying ingredients. Hair perfumes give your hair a boost of fragrance and leave it smelling fresh when you need it the most. Shine spray is excellent for giving your hair a lightweight polish, as well as long-lasting smoothness.



Refresh your roots with shampoo and conditioning

Your hair care after workout sessions is key to refreshing your strands — and it does not have to be complicated. Schedule hair washes, according to your workout using a gentle, purifying shampoo. It helps cleanse even those harder to reach areas like your bangs — instantly absorbing excess sweat and oil. This helps to remove all sweat, grime, and dirt from the hair and scalp. Shampoo hair twice to ensure thorough cleansing. The temperature of the water should not be too hot or cold. Maintain between lukewarm to cool. Always use conditioner after the shampoo. Keep conditioner on the hair for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Hair also needs TLC

It might be tempting to use an elastic hairband to tie up your hair but your strands deserve a little more tender love and care. Untie and loosen your hair and can use ribbon hair ties or spiralled ties to reduce the chance of hair breakages and prevent dents and kinks.

Say a big No to the hairdryer

Towel dry and let hair dry naturally. Do not dry using a hairdryer as it tends to dry up the hair. Don’t forget to use a few drops of serum to remove frizz, detangle the hair and add a shine to the hair. So, you can save a little time from detangling and still have cared for hair.

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