Government should tell under which planning policy 26001 posts will be appointed – Bhanu Pratap Shahi

Ranchi: BJP MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi held a press conference at the party’s state headquarters and said that the government should first tell under which planning policy the restoration will be done in such a number. The youth of the state want to know from the government whether there will be the restoration of 1932, 1985 or 60-40 policy, if the government is taking the exam under the 60-40 policy, then it is opening the door for outsiders.

The MLA said that there are many errors in the advertisement taken out for restoration. Firstly, it is not clear that by which employment policy the restoration will be done, secondly, such conditions have been imposed that only Tet pass candidates will be able to take the exam, in such a situation, about 8 lakh candidates of the state who have done B.Ed and B.Led will not be able to pass the Tet. Reasons will be debarred from the exam, it is very unfortunate.

He said that the government has taken the culmination of appeasement even in restoration. A few days ago there was direct reinstatement of Tet pass candidates in minority schools. But for reinstatement in normal schools, Tet pass candidates will have to take the exam.

Bhanu said that the Chief Minister is saying these days that 1932 was, is and will remain ours, it is not a resolution for the Chief Minister, it is just an issue. The BJP made its issues a resolution, construction of Ram temple, Article 370 was both our issue and resolution, which we fulfilled. But this government is a thug and is cheating the youth by not defining the locality. The ministers of the government are thugs and the chief minister is the king of thugs. He said that the BJP will raise its voice against this from the road to the house.

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