Four trains to be run from Gomoh route: DRM Dhanbad

Dhanbad, Jun 12: In wake of the PMO’s decisions to close the
Dhanbad-Chandrapura line the Dhanbad Rail Division said that four
trains would be operated from the Gomoh route while few others would
be run via Asansol.
DRM Manoj Krishna Akhouri said that it would take nearly four years
to develop a new line and an expenditure of Rs 32,000 crore would be
incurred on the route. He said that till land was acquired for the
project trains could have been operated on the route and there would
have been no need to cancel any train, however since the DGMS and BCCL
who are experts in the issue sent their final report to the government
there was no option but to close the line as no risk would be taken
over the safety of passengers.
The DRM said that after the orders of the railway board from
alternative Gomoh route four trains: Maurya Express, Shatabdi Express,
Shaktipunj Express and Aleepey Express would be operated while
Patliputra Express, Dhanbad Ranchi Intercity and Dumka-Ranchi
intercity would run via Asansol.

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