For the strengthening of state it is very important to have a strong administrative system: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that for the strengthening of the state it is very important for the administrative system to be strong. While addressing the annual general meeting of the Jharkhand Administrative Service as the chief guest he said that if the administrative system becomes weak due to any reason then it becomes very challenging to take the welfare schemes of the government to the people. Therefore keeping these things in mind officers should also try to understand the administrative systems of other states so that it can strengthen the administrative system here. 

He said state Administrative Service officers are an important link in the government system as they are an important ally of the government and have an important role in showing the direction to the state. In such a situation their working style gives encouragement for the all-round development and strengthening of the state.

The Chief Minister said that the State Administrative Service officers work at the grass root level and have experience of working at every level of the system and in such a situation they are well aware of all the problems and conditions of the state therefore in such a situation officers have the important responsibility of putting the schemes of the government on the ground, so that the general public can get its benefits.

The Chief Minister said that from the Block to the Ministry of Jharkhand, a large team of officers of the State Administrative Service works. In such a situation they are the strongest and most important link of the system. He said that it is true that the system and working style of the officers of the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service are slightly different, but if you do not stand as an ally of these senior officers, they too will not be able to move a step ahead.

He said that whatever may be the reasons, the state is not where it should have been in the last 20 years. Even today, Jharkhand is counted among the backward states of the country however, there is no dearth of resources here. The people here are not getting the benefit of the mineral resources here as people migrate for employment and wages which is not fair in any way and in such a situation the government is very worried about how to make the state better and developed. If the officers work with full honesty, dedication and dedicated spirit, then they will definitely be successful in making the state a leading state.

The Chief Minister said that it is necessary to improve the administrative system of the state according to the need so that we get its expected benefits. In view of this, the government had formed a commission for administrative reforms. The report of the commission has also been received and now, after studying that report whatever improvement is needed in the administrative system, the government will take steps in that direction.

He said that you are not only an officer of this state but also a teacher as the system is dependent on officers like them. In such a situation they should connect with the general public with full intimacy and listen to their problems as this will improve the relations between the officers and the public and it will be convenient to take the government schemes on the ground.

The Chief Minister said that with this thought, our government has asked the officers to start their address with “Johar”. He said that during visits to many states, one gets an opportunity to know and understand the administrative system there.

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