Khatiyan Johar Yatra from 8th, Hemant Soren will cover two districts of three divisions in first phase

Ranchi: Hemant Soren government is going to start the Khatiyani Johar Yatra on 8th December. In the first phase of the yatra, Chief Minister Hemant Soren will visit two districts in each of the three divisions. It is discussed that Hemant Soren will not only go among the public to get information about the public welfare scheme through “Khatiyani Johar Yatra”, but will also work to tell the achievements of the government in the last three years.

During the visit, he will hold a review meeting with high-level officials of the divisional and district, public representatives. The purpose of this meeting is to get information about the success of the schemes being implemented and also to know about the law and order situation in the areas.

Apart from all this, many political meanings are also being extracted from the Yatra. In this, if there is any distance with the most prominent UPA coalition workers at the district level, then it has to be bridged (it has to be reduced) as well as preparations have to be started for the 2024 elections.

In the first phase of Yatra the Chief Minister will visit three divisions Palamu, South Chotanagpur and Santhal Pargana. He will be Garhwa and Palamu of the Palamu division on 8 and 9 December. In Gumla and Lohardaga of South Chhotanagpur on 12 and 13 December. and will go to Godda on the 15th and Deoghar on the 16th of December in Santhal Pargana.

On the first day of the tour of every division, the Chief Minister will hold a general meeting with the workers in the district. In the general meeting, he will listen to the words of the workers of the alliance. If there is any displeasure among the workers then the Chief Minister will remove it so that the Alliance can contest the elections with more strength in the upcoming elections.

The Chief Minister will reach another district on the second day, where he will hold a review meeting. Officers and people’s representatives of both the districts and divisions will be present in this. On the same day, he will hold a public meeting with the workers in another district.

Alamgir Aalam, who is looking after the work of the Parliamentary and Rural Development Minister in the Hemant government had said in the past that rallies will be taken out jointly in every district during the Khatiyani Johar Yatra. All the leaders of UPA will be involved in this. It is clear that the Hemant government will also work to see its solidarity through the yatra.

The Chief Minister and UPA leaders will also work to inform the public about the promises made in their respective manifestos through the rallies to be taken out.

This includes.

• Old pension scheme restoration work.

• Increasing the scope of reservation for Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes including the OBC category.

• Loan waiver and crop relief scheme for farmers.

• Honorarium and rules for para teacher, Anganwadi worker, and helper.

• Khatiyan-based local policy of 1932.

• Passing the proposal of the Sarna Dharma Code from the assembly and sending it to the center etc are included.

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