5 home-cooked healthy eats using Frying Pan Foil

New Delhi (IANSlife) What we consume on a daily basis is directly related to our health. We may all follow different diets and different cooking styles but wanting to consume deliciously as well as healthy food has been of prime importance for everybody after the global pandemic.

“One cutting-edge kitchen product that has revolutionized cooking for both experienced and amateur new home cooks in the kitchen, while saving time and yet ensuring a healthy and hassle-free cooking experience for culinarians of all levels, is Asahi Kasei’s Frying Pan Foil – the latest innovation in the cooking space,” says Luve Oberoi, Senior Marketing Manager of Asahi Kasei.

There are a variety of cuisines and dishes which can be prepared without being worried about the extra calorie intake used in preparing them.

Luve suggests:

Pakora: It is not just a dish but an emotion for every Indian. It is the most demanded food item during monsoons. Every monsoon for every Indian call for different varieties of pakoras along with stress for extra calorie intake. But, now we have a rescue plan so let’s jump into the guilt-free pakora party. This Frying Pan Foil does not require oil for making delicious pakoras. It just requires the batter, vegetables, a pan, and a frying pan foil. Just place the foil on the pan and add the vegetables and batter to it. You will be surprised at how delicious the pakoras turn out!

Aloo Paratha: The heart of every Punjabi lies in Aloo ka Paratha. Every morning breakfast without the paratha is incomplete but the excess amount of butter used in preparing the dish makes it a high-calorie dish. So, for someone who is calorie-conscious and craving a paratha, the frying pan foil is a knight in shining armor that saves them from a sinful calorie intake. Using the foil will eliminate the need of using butter and would add crispness to the dish giving it a dark brown colour and texture making it a sumptuous and healthy option.

Atte ka Malpuva: Much like candles, sweets form an integral part of any celebration across India. Sweets are a must during festivities but it brings along with their health issues for a lot of aged individuals. Preparing a sweet dish with the Frying Pan Foil would be a healthy twist. It will taste the same but will be much healthier.

Crispy Dosa: A staple for South Indians — a crispy dosa served with garlic and coconut chutney along with potato pudding. There is a lot of ghee and butter that goes into making a crispy dosa. To reduce the amount of ghee and butter, frying pan foil works wonders. Also, the silicon-coated side helps prevent the batter from sticking on the pan which reduces your time to prepare a crispy dosa as well as does not leave you with greasy, sticky dishes.

Thalipeeth: This is a traditional Maharashtrian dish consumed with chutney and is famous all over India. Making authentic Thalipeeth with frying pan foil will not only eliminate using oil to give it a good texture but also remove the hassle of washing the cookware after use. It gives the dish a good brown and crispy texture that goes perfectly well with the chutney that is served with it.

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