Five accused of Kishoreganj Chowk shooting case surrendered, sent to jail

Ranchi: On October 24, near Kishoreganj Chowk of Harmu Road, criminals had shot a young man named Dinesh Singh. After the incident, the police team under the leadership of Kotwali DSP Prakash Saw was continuously conducting raids to arrest the accused.

Troubled by the police raids, five accused including Rahul Jaiswal and Ayush, involved in this incident, surrendered in the court. After which everyone was sent to jail. This incident took place near Kishoreganj Chowk of Kotwali police station area at around 4 am on October 24.

The criminals had shot Dinesh Singh who was visiting the fair. Dinesh Singh was shot in the stomach. The criminals had fled after committing the incident.

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