Eight new health sub-centres to be built in Simdega, instructions to complete the work in 9 months

Simdega: With the aim of improving the health system of the state, the government is establishing health sub-centres even in remote rural areas. In this series, eight health sub-centres will be built in four blocks of Simdega district, Bano, Jaldega, Simdega and Thathaitangar.

Administrative approval of Rs 4 crore 44 lakh has been given for the scheme. Let us tell you that Rs 55 lakh 50 thousand will be spent on the construction of each health sub-centre. The sub-centre building will be constructed with this amount.

Additionally, a septic tank and a deep borewell will be constructed. Rs 4147993 will be spent on the construction of the building, Rs 208664 will be spent on the construction of septic tank and Rs 254488 will be spent on boring.

Additional Chief Secretary of the Health Department, Arun Kumar has directed that the health sub-centre should be constructed within 9 months of getting the administrative approval of the scheme.

Pangur Health Sub-centre: 55.50 lakh, Karmapani Health Sub-centre: 55.50 lakh, Kolamdega Health Sub-centre: 55.50 lakh, Orga Health Sub-centre: 55.50 lakh, Jaldega Health Sub-centre: 55.50 lakh, Katukona Health Sub-centre: 55.50 lakh, Konbegi Health Sub-centre: 55.50 Lakh.

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