Extreme Bar DJ Boy murder case, the bouncer had beaten Abhishek and his associates fiercely, shot him in retaliation

Ranchi:  CCTV footage of the entire incident of murder of DJ boy of Extreme Bar of Chutiya police station area has come to light.

According to CCTV footage, the dispute started over playing of a song in the bar at 10.30 pm on Sunday night.

After this the bar owner and bar staff showed hooliganism.

Everyone together had beaten Abhishek Singh and others accompanying him severely.

The bar staff not only beat Abhishek and his friends inside the bar, but also beat him badly after taking him out.

In retaliation, Abhishek Singh alias Vicky reached the bar with a weapon at 1 am on Sunday night and shot DJ Sandeep in the chest.

Regarding the incident, Abhishek’s colleagues told that after a dispute in the sports bar, he was forcibly thrown out.

After the dispute, the owner, bouncer and staff of the bar together beat Abhishek and one of his companions brutally with sticks.

Even his clothes were torn. Because of this he was very angry.

He left the bar and went to get the weapon.

When I came back, I saw DJ Sandeep Pramanik in front of me.

Abhishek recognized Sandeep because during the fight Sandeep had stopped playing the song.

In such a situation, Abhishek shot DJ Sandeep.

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