Education department planning to register FIR on more than 500 para teachers of the state, honorarium will also be recovered from them

Ranchi: The Department of school education and literacy had came in action mode as while on one hand the state government has made special rules for more than 60 thousand para teachers (assistant teachers) but has also started bringing strictness along with it. Jharkhand Education Project has written a letter to all the districts.

It has been said in this letter that action like FIR and honorarium recovery will be taken against such para teachers who are working or have done jobs on the basis of fake certificates. For this, all the districts should send the report of para teachers from their respective places. Project director Kiran Pasi has said that the certificates of para teachers are currently under investigation.

Mistakes have been found in the certificates of many such teachers and action will now be taken against such teachers. The assessment test for para teachers is to be taken by the Jharkhand Academic Council. Before this examination, the verification of the certificates of para teachers has to be completed. The process of investigation is going on. During this investigation, there have been many complaints including discrepancies in the certificates of more than 500 para teachers across the state.

A letter has been sent to the education heads of all the districts to take action against such teachers. In which it has been said that by January 31 they should send reports from their respective districts. On the basis of this report, the education project will work on para teachers from FIR to the recovery of honorarium. There are about 133 para teachers from different districts who have tendered their resignations during certificate verification. The reason for the resignation of such teachers has been asked to be investigated.

If the reason for resigning is to get a job on the basis of a fake certificate, then honorarium will also be recovered from such teachers. There are 107 para teachers who have been missing from the school for a long time. They have also been asked to take action. On the other hand, more than para-teachers did not submit their certificates for verification. 

Jharkhand Education Project Council has directed to terminate the service of such para teachers. JAC is taking applications for the para Teachers Assessment Test. This application can be made by para teachers only, whose document verification process will be completed. JAC has set the last date of application for this till 10 February. After this, applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

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