Economic Survey: In Jharkhand 46.16 percent people are poor

Ranchi: In Jharkhand 46.6 percent of people are poor.

As per the Jharkhand Economic Survey 2021 -22 which was laid in the Assembly by Finance  Minister Rameshwar Oraon it said that according to the recently released National multidimensional poverty index baseline report of Niti Aayog 46.16 percent of the people in the state are poor (the headcount poverty).

The percentage of multidimensional poor in the rural areas is 50.93 percent and in the urban areas, it is 15.26 percent. The survey said that there is a wide disparity in the incidence of poverty not only between their rural and urban areas but also among different districts.

The district which are more organised and home to the industrial mining and commercial centres have a low incidence of poverty than those which are less urbanized and are devoid of them.

The inverse Crescent stretches from east to the southeast comprising of districts like Dhanbad Bokaro Ramgarh Ranchi and East singhbhum have the lowest incidence of poverty in the state.

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