DIY tips for conscious decor choices

New Delhi (IANSlife) This World Environment Day, let’s vouch to focus on sustainability and make environment-friendly changes to our interiors. Worried that it will cause a dent in your pocket? Fret not, Pepperfry’s latest DIY guide will help you fit these stunners within your home.

Put on your decorators hat and get innovative to transform your home into an exquisite one.

A light to remember: Next time you go for a stroll in the garden and find dried tree branches, don’t walk past it as it has serious statement decor potential. Pick it up and get it home! You can either paint the branches in a single hue like black/white or paint it in multiple pastel hues. Once dried, tie the branches together, wrap those festive fairy lights around it and hang it in that barren corner. Voila, a stunning nook is ready!

Hang(er) it: We all have spare hangers stuffed somewhere in the back of our storage or wardrobe. It’s time to get them out and transform it into a stunning piece of decor. Got a macrame wall piece but can’t find the right spot to hang it? Don’t stress, paint that spare hanger in a neutral hue, hang it up on your accent wall and tie the macrame wall piece to it; and ta-da you have an aesthetically pleasing accent wall ready.

You can also cut jute ropes in varying lengths and paste your favourite photographs on it. Tie these ropes to the hanger and hang it on the wall. You will have a beautiful memory wall ready in a jiffy!

Jar full!: Don’t throw away the empty Nutella or jam jar! There are a gazillion ways to reuse it. For all the plantsmen out there, we have another alluring suggestion to display those tiny succulents indoor. Take that empty jar and paint it in your favourite colour or you can wrap a metallic wire around it. Put the succulent in the jar and place it on your work desk or bedside table.

If you are somebody who often ends up running around the house last minute looking for car keys, mask and other knick-knacks then using the jar as a storage option is ideal for you! To add a quirky touch to it, you can cover it up with your favourite handkerchief or top that is now stained.

So, the next time you’re planning to throw something out, first have a quick look around to identify some empty, boring spaces. Get creative with these DIY tips and watch your space pop!

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