5 reasons to include a workout in your child’s routine

New Delhi (IANSlife) A workout doesn’t mean spending hours in a gym or sweating on a treadmill. The foundation of working out should be laid at a young age. Delhi-based fitness and sports nutritionist Hasti Singh shares top five reasons to include workout in a child’s daily routine.

* Stronger muscles and bones

* Fit and lean posture

* Lower risk of becoming obese

* Lower chance of attracting diseases

* Controlled B.P and cholesterol.

Singh says, to start with, parents can ask their child to do yoga or meditation for at least 1 hour daily. The trick is that parents should also do with them as then they will try to imitate and will enjoy doing the exercise.

Kids can also do aerobics as it strengthens the heart and helps in circulating oxygen to the cells. Aerobics can be done at home and parents can also participate in these exercises like playing basketball, swimming, jogging, running, cycling.

Singh points out: “When I say workout, don’t confuse it with weight-lifting. Kids could do push-ups, crunches with stomachs, stretching, and other exercises to give a shape to their physique and gain strength. These exercises don’t include much hard work and are also good from the kids’ perspective. By doing push-ups, the child would learn to tackle weight and it will improve his shoulder and arm connection.”

Rope Skipping is another good workout activity that you can introduce to your child. Skipping strengthens hand and leg muscles.

Kids can also join any dance classes which is an ultimate form of exercise. It helps in the complete movement of a kid’s body and hence gives a complete opportunity to work out.

Exercise not only improves a child’s abilities but will also help him/her to gain concentration. Kids nowadays spend a lot of time taking online classes and hence expose themselves to uncalled problems like strain, headache, and health issues.

Taking out time and doing workouts daily can save your child from these issues. Also, a regular workout helps in better sleep and makes your child energetic.

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