DC instructs to increase the scope of Covid-19 testing

Ranchi: In view of the possibility of an increase in corona cases the district administration of Ranchi has started an exercise to rectify the system. On Monday the Deputy Commissioner held a meeting with all the cells created at the district level for the prevention of infection of Covid-19.

Senior officials of all the cells along with other concerned officers were also present in this. During the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner gave necessary directions to the concerned officials regarding testing, tracing, treatment and vaccination. In the meeting, he first inquired about the Covid-19 investigation.

In view of the possibility of increasing infection, the Deputy Commissioner directed to increase in the scope of testing in the district. While getting information about the testing team from Civil Surgeon Ranchi, he also gave necessary directions to the officer of the Testing Cell in this regard.

During the meeting, he also took information from the Civil Surgeon about beds and oxygen supply in District Covid Hospital. He said that the bed-wise oxygen supply should be reviewed. The Deputy Commissioner asked the Civil Surgeon to give a report about the number of oxygen concentrators in various community centers, how many places are getting oxygen supply through pipelines and cylinders.

He said that the district-level senior officers would inquire about the oxygen supply system in various CHCs. While reviewing the home isolation cell, the Deputy Commissioner inquired about the number of Covid-19 patients being called daily.

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