Database of migrant workers prepared, 37.2 pc express interest in farming

Out of the 4.50 lakh migrant workers who have returned back to Jharkhand 37.2 percent migrant workers have expressed their desire to work in farming.

The Rural Development Department under Mission Saksham Mobile App has identified the skills of the migrant workers and their area of interests. Through the app so far database of 4.56 lakh migrants has been prepared out of which 37.2 percent have expressed their desire to work in farming while another 13.8 percent workers have expressed their desire to work in animal husbandry.

Further due to Coronavirus the women associated with Sakhi Mandals are providing financial help to lakhs of families. Recently the Chief Minister had transferred a sum of Rs 75 crore through Sakhi Mandals and so far a sum of Rs 120 crore has been provided to 80,000 Sakhi Mandals through which 10 lakh families would be benefitted and it is a great step towards encouraging employment in villages.

As per the rural development department such migrants who have expressed their desire to be included with agriculture, animal husbandry and related areas they are being linked with Rashtriya Grameen Ajivika Mission so that they can get immediate relief. The migrant woman workers are being linked with Sakhi Mandals. On the other hand those who have expressed their desire to get involved in agriculture sector they would be provided seeds.

The Sakhi Mandals are being provided with seeds of arhar, maize, millet, urad and moong in which migrant families have been also included. So far 4370.49 quintal seeds have been distributed so that work can go uninterrupted during rains.

Amid the Coronavirus the women associated with the Sakhi Mandals are playing an important role in catering to the needs of their families. She said that the women are linking themselves with small works and self employment and ultimately helping their families to stand on their feet.

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