Cyber thugs arrested, 25 phones recovered

Giridih:  Giridih Police arrested 9 cyber thugs on Monday. All the arrested thugs used to cheat by pretending to get jobs, posing as fake Bajaj Finance personnel and sending obscene videos.

In this, Chandan Kumar, Moti Kumar Sah, residents of Bhupatdih of Jamua police station area, Shailendra Kumar Singh of Chungalkhar of Herodih police station area, Abhishek Kumar Mishra of Deori police station area, Raju Mandal of Nagar Keshwari of Sariya police station area, Vikas Kumar Mandal, Dumri police station area.

Mo Siraj of Jamtara, Sikandar Kumar Rai of Pargodih of Jamua police station area and Deepak Kumar of Gorhar police station area of Hazaribagh district are included. Police have recovered 25 mobile phones, 28 SIM cards, 23 ATM cards, 17 bank passbooks, 4 PAN cards and 13 Aadhar cards from these criminals. This information has been given by Giridih SP Deepak Kumar Sharma.

He said that information was being received continuously through the Prakharna portal that cyber criminals are working to defraud people in different ways in different police station areas of the district. Action was taken by forming a team under the leadership of SDPO. SP said that a team was formed under the leadership of Dumri SDPO Sumit Prasad.

In which trainee DSP Kailash Mahato, cyber station in-charge Ajay Kumar, police inspector Gyan Ranjan Kumar, senior Gaurav Kumar, Sawan Kumar Saha, senior Sanjay Mukhiyar, Gajendra Kumar, Saurabh Suman, Saket and Jitendra Nath Mahato were included. After this, the police team conducted raids in different police station areas and succeeded in arresting a total of 9 cyber criminals.

SP said that the mastermind of the entire gang is Chandan Kumar, who used to cheat people by posing as a fake bank employee of Bajaj Finance Company, and all the cybercriminals who have been arrested under his leadership are cheating people in a very new way.

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