Culture and tradition are identity of the state: Das

Jamshedpur/Ranchi, May 10:  Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said
that culture, language and tradition were an assets of the people of
the state which needed to be kept alive as they showcase the identity
of the people.
The Chief Minister made these comments while unveiling the statue of
Pandit Raghunath Murmu Gadam Kada at Kosapulia of Behragora block of
East Singhbhum district. On the occasion he also inaugurated the
officie of All India Dharam Chameth Asara Office.
He said that to keep our culture and identity intact Pandit Raghunath
came with Olchiki script and as part of recognition of his
contributions the government has decided commence the study of
Santhali Language in the primary schools of the state. He said that
born in a tribal family of Rairangpur Pandit Murmu’s life was a
journey of struggle. He said that after coming out with the Olchiki
script he along with another person travelled on foot in Bihar, Bengal
and Odisha to create awareness about the script.
The Chief Minister said that due to lack of education there was
poverty and unemployment among the tribals. He asked the learned youth
of the community to create awareness in the society. He said that
under Jahergarh Development scheme the beautification of Jaher and
Sarna Spots be done.  He said that in the area construction of roads
and bridges would be made in the area so that development can gather

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