Congress spreading the poison of appeasement, wants to snatch your rights and give them to a special community – CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

Ranchi: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said in the election meeting held in Ranchi that the Congress gang is spreading the poison of appeasement. It wants to snatch your rights and give them to a particular community. We stop the thinking of corruption, appeasement and nepotism from coming to power. 

Dhami was addressing the meeting in Morhabadi, Ranchi in favor of NDA candidate Sanjay Seth. Dhami said that earlier India was in weak hands, but now India is not helpless but is in strong hands. During his 10 years of tenure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased the pride of the country in the whole world.

Modi ji did not care about the country and its citizens as a guardian but as a Prime Minister. Run many schemes for the people. These schemes are reaching the public in the form of guarantees. The good fortune of building a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya also happened during the reign of Narendra Modi.

He said that on one hand BJP is working towards the goal of development, on the other hand there is an army of scammers and corrupt people. Former Chief Minister of Jharkhand Hemant Soren is in jail on corruption charges. For 60 years, Congress filled its coffers with the hard-earned money of the country’s poor.

He said that Sanjay Seth is going to win the election this time by getting more votes than the last election. Leader of Opposition Amar Bauri said that if BJP had not been there and Atal Bihari Vajpayee had not been there, Jharkhand state would not have been formed. He said that Congress is the mother of appeasement parties. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about implementing UCC, there is an uproar among the opponents.

Bauri said that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi starts his third innings in 2024, dynastic parties will be wiped out from the entire country. Attacking the Hemant government, he said that the people of the state had given him a chance of 5 years, but due to corruption, he had to go to jail within 4 years. He said that the country is moving forward due to Modi’s corruption-free policy. He appealed to the voters to elect the BJP government and overthrow the Indian coalition government.

AJSU supremo Sudesh Mahato said that the entire army of NDA is actively reducing the 14 seats of Jharkhand. Ranchi Lok Sabha seat will get better results than the last Lok Sabha elections. He said that Narendra Modi did a lot of work for the country in 10 years, but in 10 years the opposition alliance changed from NDA to India. They have not yet been able to decide who will be their leader in front of Modi ji. The wedding procession of India Alliance is completely ready, but the groom is not available.

These are people doing appeasement politics. Sudesh said that this tradition is going on that only the one born in the Gandhi family will become the Prime Minister. Same thing is going on in Jharkhand state also. The Soren family wants a tribal Chief Minister in Jharkhand, but that tribal Chief Minister should be from his own family. This is why preparations have now been started to bid farewell to Chief Minister Champai Soren.

Sanjay Seth said that the fate and picture of the country has been changed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi ji’s guarantee is the guarantee of work. The people of Jharkhand have also guaranteed that they will give 14 out   14 seats to NDA.

Sanjay Seth said that Narendra Modi has brought so much development in the country that the people of Indi alliance are scared. They do not trust ED, CBI, and Election Commission. Only two-three people from the Gandhi family are trusted. He has rejected Ram, but this time the people of the country will reject him.

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