CM wrote a letter to the President said, some vested interests gave silent support, so Manipur is burning in the fire of ethnic violence, take steps for peace and harmony

Ranchi:  CM Hemant Soren has written a letter to President Draupadi Murmu. This letter has been written regarding the current situation in Manipur. 

In the letter, he has written that today Manipur is burning due to some vested interests. Due to tacit consent, this state has been burning in the fire of caste violence for months. He has written that I am compelled to write to you with a heavy heart and deep pain at the ongoing violence in the state of Manipur today. In such a situation, I appeal to you to take steps to establish peace in Manipur.

CM Hemant Soren has appealed to President Draupadi Murmu to find a way forward from the Manipur situation, ensure justice and take steps to ensure peace and harmony in Manipur. He said that we cannot and should not allow this kind of horrific barbarism to be meted out to our fellow tribal brothers and sisters.

As the Chief Minister of Jharkhand and a concerned citizen of this country, I am deeply distressed and concerned by the escalating situation in Manipur, which has already resulted in the loss of hundreds of innocent lives, destruction of property and public infrastructure, unspeakable torture and sexual exploitation of women, displacement and a grave sense of insecurity among several ethnic groups living in the affected areas.

In a letter to the President, the CM has said that the way the video of the incident in Manipur has come to the fore. From that it seems that the internal principles of human life and respect given by our constitution seem to be completely broken. A society should never reach a point where people are subjected to the kind of physical, emotional and psychological brutality that we have seen in Manipur. 

Since May 3, India has witnessed a unique culmination of peace, unity, justice and democratic rule in Manipur, despite being the world’s most diverse democracy. Shocked to learn that the state government has failed to protect its own people and reduce violence and unrest. 

In the letter, the CM wrote that Manipur has been burning for more than two months. Media reports estimate that more than 40,000 people, including children, have been displaced in Manipur. Tribals living in temporary camps. Every day and night, we see heart-wrenching scenes with videos of women being paraded naked and raped in public. There seems to be a complete breakdown of the rule of law. The country lies in unity amidst diversity, and it is our collective responsibility to work together to help restore peace and promote an atmosphere of peace amidst such hostility.

CM has mentioned in the letter that the way Manipur is in the grip of caste violence today. We should not forget that this state has given many excellent players. Who has brought many international honors and Olympic medals to the country? These include Kunjurani Devi, Thoiba Singh, Renedy Singh, Dingko Singh, Mirabai Chanu, Sarita Devi and Mary Kom. Today they are also in loss. Some of them are constantly appealing to the central government to help restore peace in the disputed areas.

However, we saw the central government trying its best to side-line the issue, suppress the voice of media and people and prevent the truth from being disseminated to the rest of the country. The CM appealed to the President to intervene in the matter. 

He said that in this darkest hour of the crisis, we look to you as the last source of hope and inspiration who can show light to the people of Manipur and all citizens of India in these difficult times. I appeal to you today to find a way forward, ensure justice and take steps to ensure peace and harmony in Manipur.

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