Child marriage free campaign oath administered to Sukhdevnagar police station

Ranchi:  Under the Child Marriage Free India programme, a program was organized on Wednesday in the Sukhdevnagar police station premises. During this, the police station in-charge administered the oath to all the policemen and social workers under the Child Marriage Free Campaign. Everyone took an oath that they would work to make their area child marriage free. This program was organized in collaboration with Satyarthi Foundation and Child Rights Foundation Ranchi.

In this program, Secretary of Child Rights Foundation Baidyanath Kumar, Chandan Kumar, Sangeet Kumari, Anshu Kumari, Abhishek Kumar, Deepak Kumar Thakur, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Rekha Kumari, Amrit Raman, Pawan Kumar, Vineet Soni, Rahul Vyas, Prakash Kumar and Sukhdev Nagar. Police personnel of the police station participated.

34 cases of child marriage have been reported in Jharkhand in the last five and a half years. In which 7 cases have been reported in the year 2018, 3 in 2019, 6 in the year 2020, 7 in the year 2021, 5 in the year 2022 and 6 in the year 2023 till the month of June. Out of which 21 cases have been executed and 13 cases are pending for execution. Apart from this, 70 people involved in child marriage have also been arrested and sent to jail.

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