Chaiti Durga Temple celebrates the annual festival of Bhutaha Talabh

Ranchi:  Chaiti Durga Temple echoed with the cheers of devotees from the very next morning on the second day of the eighth annual festival of Bhutaha Talabh.

Anyway, a large number of devotees were arriving to have darshan of the mother.

On this occasion, the second day’s program was started with the Mahasnan chanting of Shera Wali Maiya.

After this, Durga Saptami recitation was done and the goddess was decorated grandly with flowers and leaves.

After offering the Mahabhog of Havan, Aarti, flower garland and Bhandara in the afternoon, Prasad of Mahabhandara was distributed among more than 11000 devotees and the annual festival was concluded after the Maha Aarti in the evening by Bhajan Shandhya artists.

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