BJP protests outside the Assembly says tribals are being killed under Jharkhand Government

Ranchi:  On the first day of the monsoon session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, BJP MLAs protested outside the house with placards. Opposition parties targeted the government over the murder of Subhash Munda and created a ruckus outside the House.

Bharatiya Janata Party MLAs have demanded that the government should resign and apologize to the public. Bharatiya Janata Party MLA and State President Babulal Marandi said, on one hand the government does not give promotion to an SP because the training is not complete, on the other hand many officers are made IPS but their training is not done.

It has been three years of the State government, neither it is able to make local policy nor it is making planning policy. The government that it is in your jurisdiction to make a policy, we are with you. They have to do politics. There is no meaning to the problems of the children of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand’s children should have direct reinstatement in third and fourth grade. BJP MLAs were protesting outside the House with banner posters, MLA Biranchi Narayan said that law and order had collapsed. Tribal chief ministers and tribals are being killed in the state, Subhash Munda was killed two days back.

A day ago Ajay Munda, who is the leader of AJSU, was shot at. Hemant Soren wants to eliminate the Munda tribe. Neera Yadav raising the matter of stripping the woman and keeping her tied to a tree overnight in Sariya of Giridih said that people are not safe in the state. Neither Dalit nor Adivasi. The government can gain control over crime whenever it wants. The morale of criminals has increased after the arrival of the State government. The criminals have become unbridled and are carrying out incidents.

MLA Amar Bauri said that we have made a promise to the public, we are fighting for them. No one is safe in the state. There is no guarantee of anyone’s safety. People were scared, the way Subhash Munda was murdered, a woman from Saria was stripped naked, beaten and kept tied to a tree overnight. The way incidents of rape of tribals are taking place in Pakur, it is worrying. There is terror in Dhanbad, a person sitting outside is spreading panic.

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