‘Bigg Boss 17’: Munawar & Mannara’s fight takes centre stage

Mumbai, (IANS) In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, best friends Mannara Chopra and Munawar Faruqui friendship have hit a rough patch after their equation soured when Mannara tried to reach out to Munawar, only to find their friendship strained.

She is visibly upset that Munawar seems to be distancing himself due to others’ perceptions of her closeness to the shaayar.

Before she could fully express her feelings, Munawar abruptly storms off in a fit of frustration. Their rift stems from Mannara’s repeated assertions of not wanting to be influenced or overshadowed by anyone in the house, something that didn’t sit well with Munawar.

The tension escalates as Mannara is hurt by Munawar’s sudden change in behaviour, to which he coldly retorts that he simply doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. Things take a snarky turn when Mannara sarcastically thanks Munawar for hurting her, triggering an enraged response from Munawar, who snaps back at her, asking her to get lost.

The kitchen chaos takes centre stage as Sana Raees Khan faces a mountain of dishes she’s in no mood to tackle.

Tagged as a slacker, she’s under fire for letting the pots and pans pile up, drawing criticism from all corners of the house.

Munawar, concerned about the hygiene repercussions, raises the alarm about flies swarming over the neglected dishes, making life uncomfortable for everyone in the chowk.

However, Vicky Jain, Anurag Dobhal, and Arun Srikanth are unwilling to step in and lend a hand in Sana’s place.

As tensions flare over unwashed dishes, the plot thickens when ‘Bigg Boss’ summons Sana to the confession room with an interesting proposition.

Sana is offered a tempting deal: give up half of the entire ration meant for the housemates in exchange for freedom from her household duties.

After Sana opts for freedom, the housemates are far from pleased, accusing her of making them suffer just to get rid of responsibilities.

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