Indian airport lounges: Where to find the best local cuisine

New Delhi (IANSlife) Travelling is an experience that tantalises all our senses. From the sight of new horizons to the sound of adventure, and the touch of different cultures, it’s a journey that’s as much about the food as it is about the destination.

Airports, while often considered transient spaces, can offer a gateway to the culinary treasures of a region. Indian airport lounges, in particular, are where you can unroll on a flavourful journey even before you’ve taken off. In this article, we will explore the cuisines offered at airport lounges of some of the key cities in India, and discover the hidden gems in terms of the local cuisine they have to offer.

Goa’s Foodie Delights

Goa, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife, is also a treasure trove of delicious local cuisine. As you wait for your flight at Goa International Airport, also known as the Manohar International Airport – be sure to sample some of the state’s delectable dishes. Known for the state-of-the-art facilities, Encalm Lounge at the Goa airport is serves the best of delicacies and provides an amazing seating area where travellers can unwind.The lounges are known to serve the local food with great variety and finesse. The Goan cuisine is a fusion of flavours influenced by its rich history, blending Portuguese and Indian culinary traditions.

One cannot miss “GoanSorak Coconut Curry” – a mouthwatering dish made from Goan coconuts and onions, garlic and chillies, seasoned with a mix of aromatic spices. If you have a sweet tooth, savour “Bebinca,” a traditional Goan dessert. This layered pudding is a sweet delight, rich with coconut and jaggery.

Delhi’s Diversity In Food

Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi offers an array of dining experiences that reflect the city’s diverse culinary landscape. There are various lounges at the IGI Airport, but the flagship lounges offer a different level of diversity altogether when it comes to the cuisines. Right from chefs preparing international cuisines with the Delhi touch, to inducing live stations from chefs presenting the best of the capital, right in front of your eyes – the Delhi Airport experience promises to be an amazing one. Delhi is a melting pot of cultures, and its food scene is a testament to this cultural diversity. With superior amenities imbibed at the core, Encalm Lounge offers the finest facilities, including lounge bays, a bar, a multi-cuisine buffet, live food counters, a kid’s play area, a library, and a business centre.

Hyderabad’s Spice Extravaganza

Known as the “City of Pearls” and the “City of Nizams,” Hyderabad is a place where history and food traditions merge beautifully. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is your gateway to the culinary treasures of this city. The Encalm lounge at Hyderabad Airport is known to boast a spacious extravaganza that ensures an amazing experience for travellers. Hyderabad is celebrated for its biryanis, and you can’t leave without savouring one.

“Hyderabadi Biryani” is a fragrant rice dish made with tender marinated meat, saffron, and spices, slow-cooked to perfection.

Another delicacy to explore is “Chicken Haleem,” a rich and hearty stew made from wheat, barley, and chicken. It’s commonly enjoyed during festivities but is available throughout the year. And don’t forget to try “Hyderabadi MirchikaSalan,” a spicy curry made with green chilies, peanuts, and sesame seeds, typically served with biryani.

The Joy of Airport Lounges

The airport lounges in India have evolved beyond just offering comfortable seating and complimentary Wi-Fi. They now cater to travellers with discerning tastes by providing a gastronomic experience that rivals some of the best restaurants. As you relax in the serene ambience of these lounges, you can live the tradition and experience the culture through the local cuisines.

In a nutshell, Indian airport lounges are a gateway to the heritage of the regions they represent, all through the language of the foodie marvels. The next time you travel through the airport, make it a point to arrive early and indulge in the local cuisine on offer. After all, the journey to a new destination begins long before you board the plane, and what better way to start than the taste of local flavours at Indian airport lounges? Bon appétit!

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