Babulal appealed to Tribal’s to bloom lotus on all reserved seats

Ranchi:  Bharatiya Janata Party State President Babulal Marandi gave a task to the Morcha workers and said that the Morcha should strengthen its organization. And all the tribes of Jharkhand should take a pledge to feed lotus on the reserved seat. Said that the tribal society resides in 8 Lok Sabha and 40 assembly constituencies in the entire Jharkhand state. Front workers should work in all these areas. Work to form BJP government in the country and state. Said the state government is ignoring the issues like exploitation, atrocities, rape on tribals.

To divert the issues, the BJP is trying to malign the governed territories. This time the Hemant government has to be uprooted in the upcoming elections. 

Highlighting the upcoming program of the Morcha, National President and Member of Parliament Sameer Oraon of the Morcha said that intensive programs should be conducted in all the districts of Jharkhand state from August to December. Appoint in-charge in all the districts and strengthen the organization. 

Speaking on the rampant corruption in the state, atrocities on tribals, National Minister Asha Lakra said that the tribal society is not safe under the Hemant government. If peace is to be brought, then the BJP government will have to be brought in the centre and the state. The Hemant government will have to be thrown out.

Addressing the workers, Regional Organization Minister Nagendra said that strengthen the organization from the state to the booth level and the workers should migrate to the districts and mandals. Organization General Secretary Karmaveer said that there is a need to lay special emphasis on strengthening the booths. Instructed to follow the formula of winning the election if the booth is won.

Vice Presidents Gangotri Kujur, Awadhesh Singh Chero, Tala Marandi, Maneka Sardar, Rajendra Munda, Laxman Tuddu, Arun Oraon, JB Tubid, Badkunwar Gagarai, Jayprakash Bhokta, Ravi Munda, Annu Lakda, along with all the District Morcha Presidents, General Secretaries were present in the meeting.

State General Secretary Bindeshwar Oraon conducted the operation and State Vice President Sukmani Hembram did the vote of thanks.

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