Jharkhand BJP President Babulal said – Why government is anxious for mob lynching bill, bring bill on ‘stopping religious conversion’ and ‘love jihad’

Ranchi: The state government may bring a bill on mob lynching in the monsoon session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, which is going to start from July 28. It was returned by the governor after pointing out many shortcomings in this bill. It is reported that the government has removed these shortcomings. Cabinet approval has also been received.

Meanwhile, former CM and BJP state president Babulal Marandi has raised questions on the intention of the government regarding this. He has clearly said that why is the Chief Minister so worried about this bill? BJP State President Babulal Marandi has written that Chief Minister Hemant Soren is once again going to bring a bill on “mob lynching”. The previous bill was returned by the governor. If you have even an iota of honesty in your mind, then bring a bill to “stop religious conversions”.

Whole Jharkhand, especially Santhalpargana and the Santal community, is being destroyed by “love jihad”. If you have the guts, bring a bill on this. He has written in his social media platform that you will not talk about “stopping religious conversion” and bringing a bill on “love jihad”. You will not bring a bill on these. Your intruder voter will be angry.

Love Jihad, religious conversion took away the lives of thousands of Santal/tribal girls of Jharkhand. We are not going to give up on this issue. If we come to the government, we will teach a lesson to the “Chandalas”. In the English version of the Bill, sub-section 12 of sub-section (1) of section 2 mentions the witness protection scheme. But there is no mention of it in the Hindi version.

The Governor also objected to the definition of crowd given in sub-section (6) of sub-section (1) of the same section. It was said that a group of two or more persons cannot be called a disorderly crowd. There was a provision for life imprisonment to the guilty and fine up to 25 lakhs.

In the Mob Lynching Prevention Bill-2021, if found guilty, there was a provision of rigorous life imprisonment from three years to attachment of property along with a fine of Rs 25 lakhs. Provision was made for punishment ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment even in case of serious injury. 

At the same time, there was a system of punishing those who incited the mob as guilty and sentenced them to three years. Provision was also made in the Bill to provide compensation to the victim’s family and free treatment of the victim.

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