Archery coach Dharmendra Tiwari’s name recommended for Dronacharya Award

Ranchi: The name of archery coach Dharmendra Tiwari has been recommended for the prestigious Dronacharya Award which is the highest honour for coaches in the country.

Tiwari is currently the main coach of the Tata Archery Academy in Jamshedpur. He originally hails from Siwan district of Bihar but has been working as a coach in the academy since 1996.

Tiwari himself was an established name in the field of archery during the late 80s and early 90s in recurve event and during 87-88 he had won three gold medals at the junior nationals.

Prior to him Sanjeev Kumar Singh (2007) and Poornima Mahto (2013) both also from the Tata Archery Academy had won the Dronacharya award. Many national and international players associated with the Tata Archery Academy including Jayant Talukdar, Rahul Bannerjee, Dipika Kumari, Atanu Das, etc have trained under him.

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