Actor-author Tisca Chopra proud to be related to Khushwant Singh

New Delhi (IANS) Actress Tisca Chopra is also an author and an avid reader. The actor-author hails from the family of late celebrated author Khushwant Singh. Carrying forward the lineage, she has penned two books ‘Acting Smart’ and ‘What’s Up With Me?’.

The actress recalls the time spent with the illustrious author for the last time at his home in Delhi. Tisca told IANS: “When I met him for the last time many years ago, I remember we had gone to the Sujan Singh Park house where he lived, there were mountains of books, like tall towers of books in his house. I asked him, ‘Have you read all of these?’ He said, ‘100 saal ka saamaan aur kal ki khabar nahi’. He meant the books but I think it applies to everything.”

She added proudly: “I am very proud to be related to him and that I have in some very tiny miniscule way managed to continue writing.”

Tisca reflects on her favourite books by the renowned Indian writer. “My favourite Khushwant Singh book is ‘Delhi: A Novel’ because I love the relationship between Bhaagamati and the protagonist which I think is autobiographical. The Delhi one is familiar with the history of Delhi and the way it has been interwoven with the interplay of characters, it’s something that stays with you, so poetic is the prose. I also like ‘A History of the Sikhs’, being half Sikh myself,” she told IANS.

She shared that her life is inspired by Khushwant Singh’s writing in a major way.

“Khushwant Singh is a writer, whom I have been a fan of for very many years. His writing has a fluidity which we can only aspire to. He lived so fully and had such rich experiences,” said Tisca.

Tisca’s recent book ‘What’s Up With Me?’ has garnered a lot of interest among young readers.

She said: “The response to the book has been phenomenal. It has generated a lot of interest within families which to me is the biggest success of the book. Young girls, who are the intended readers of the book, have picked it up, started reading it and are discussing it with their friends. Mothers-daughters and fathers-daughters are getting together in small groups to read the book and discuss it.”

Tisca’s book talks about teenage girl issues like puberty, periods and teenage emotions. She told IANS: “So many mothers have reached out and said they’ve found the book useful because it’s a difficult conversation for them to have. But, for them ‘What’s Up With Me?’ becomes a launch pad to have a deeper conversation based on the way the families want to process puberty with their child.”

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