97 DSPs including four trainee IPS transferred

Ranchi: 97 DSPs including four trainee IPS have been transferred. Notification related to this has been issued by the Home Jail and Disaster Management Department. There are two DSPs in this list who have retired. In which Baiju Oraon has been made Simdega DSP, while Rajesh Kujur has been made DSP Manoharpur.

Trainee IPS Kumar Shivashish to DSP Hazaribagh, Hrithik Srivastava to DSP Deoghar, Trainee IPS Paras Rana to DSP Chakradharpur, Trainee IPS Rakesh Singh to DSP Vishrampur, DSP Reetibhan Singh to DSP Bundu, Ranveer Singh to DSP Silli, Akhil Nitish Kujur to DSP Bedo.

Bhola Prasad Singh as DSP Khelari, Amit Kumar as Sadar DSP Ranchi, Pramod Mishra as Hatia DSP Ranchi, Venkateshwar Raman as City DSP Ranchi, Pramod Kumar Kesari as Traffic DSP Ranchi, Arvind Kumar Singh as DSP Headquarters Ranchi, Santosh Kumar Mishra as DSP ACB Ranchi.

CID DSP Ranchi to Ajit Kumar Vimal, Rajkishore to DSP CM Security, Manoj Kumar to DSP CM Security, Shraddha Kerketta to DSP Lohardaga, Christopher Kerketta to DSP Torpa Khunti. Rajesh Kumar to Headquarters DSP Khunti. Varun Rajak to DSP Khunti, Suresh Prasad Yadav to DSP Gumla, Amita Lakra to DSP Chainpur, Nazir Akhtar to DSP Busia Gumla. Baiju Oraon to DSP Simdega, Virendra Toppo to DSP Headquarters Gumla.

Himanshu Chandra Manjhi as DSP Mahuatand Latehar, Ashutosh Kumar Satyam as DSP Balumath Latehar, Arvind Kumar as DSP Latehar, Venkatesh Kumar as DSP Barwadih Latehar. Kuldeep Kumar as DSP Barkagaon, Baijnath Prasad as DSP Vishnugadh. Naushad Alam to DSP Barhi Hazaribagh, Mukesh Kumar Mahato to DSP CCR Hazaribagh, Shri Neeraj to DSP Headquarters Hazaribagh, Sandeep Suman to DSP Chatra, Prabhat Ranjan Barwar to DSP Tandwa.

Rohit Kumar Rajwar to DSP Headquarters Chatra, Ajay Kumar Kesari to DSP Simaria, Sandeep Kumar Gupta to DSP Headquarters Dhanbad, Mahesh Prajapati to DSP Baghmara, Rajat Mani Bakhala to DSP Nirsa.

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