41.42 lakh dhoti/lungi, saris distributed under Sona-Sobran dhoti saree Yojana

Ranchi: Along with providing additional ration cards to the poor the government is providing clothes at subsidized rates under the Sona Sobran Dhoti Sari scheme.

Lakhs of BPL holders of the state are getting benefits from this scheme. The government has made a provision of Rs 500 crore for the scheme. Beneficiaries are being given dhoti/ lungi, sari for Rs 10 under this scheme twice a year. The government has set a target to benefit 57.11 lakh families of the state under the scheme.

Chasing the target, the state government has covered 56,49,817 eligible beneficiaries under the scheme. In the first phase of the scheme, 41,42,745 dhotis/lungi, saris have been distributed, out of which 34,29,817 dhotis, 53,47,787 saris and 19,11,909 lungis have been distributed.

The Chief Minister has directed the public representatives and officials to inform the villagers about this scheme and also ensure to give its benefits. Ration shopkeepers have been ordered to organize camps and distribute clothes so that everyone can get the benefit of the scheme.

During the last two years, the government has started many schemes. All these plans are being implemented very fast. In this episode, the Dhoti-Sari distribution scheme has been restarted. Under the Sona-Sobran Dhoti-Sari Distribution Scheme by the State Government, all the eligible households and the beneficiary families of Antyodaya Anna Yojana in the state are covered by the National Food Security Act, besides the beneficiary families of the Jharkhand State Food Security Scheme are also being covered under the scheme. The approval has been given in the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The maximum prescribed limit of beneficiaries under the Jharkhand State Food Security Scheme (JSFSS) is 15 lakh. At present, there are 13,04,093 beneficiaries and 4, 38,989 families (variable) under the Jharkhand State Food Security Scheme. On the basis of the scheme, the number of families is likely to be 5, 05, 050.

The maximum number of beneficiaries covered under the National Food Security Act is 2, 64, 25, 385, under which the possible number of families is 58, 97, 561. Thus, after the inclusion of Sona-Sobran Dhoti/Lungi, the Saree distribution scheme to the beneficiary families of ISFSS scheme, the possible total number of beneficiary families have become 64, 02, 611 (Variable).

Under the Sobran Dhoti Sari Distribution Scheme, for the distribution of clothes among the beneficiary families, the dealer commission has been given to the shopkeepers of the public distribution system at the rate of Rs 1/- per garment.

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