4 IEDs, 2 hand grenades found in Kolhan forest, 2 detonators also recovered in the search operation, soldiers were the target

Ranchi:  Security forces have foiled a major conspiracy of Naxalites in the forest of West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. Explosives planted to target security forces have been seized. A huge quantity of explosives have been recovered from the forest and hills between Pradhanghat. During the search operation, security forces have recovered 4 IEDs, 2 hand grenades and 2 detonators. Which was destroyed by the security forces on the spot in the forest itself.

Search operation continues in the area even on Friday. The explosives were planted to disrupt the operation and cause harm to the security forces. SP said that a joint search operation is being conducted after the information that top Naxal leaders Misir Besra, Anmol, Mochhu, Chaman, Kande along with their squad are roaming in Kolhan area.

Security forces are continuously conducting operations in these areas. Land mines and many spikes are hidden in the forest areas. Due to which the Naxalites try to block the way for the security forces.  CRPF, Jharkhand Jaguar and District Police have been running a joint operation since January. But no top leader has been arrested.

Naxalites have imposed undeclared curfew in this area. The villagers have been asked not to come to the forest because they have planted IEDs at various places. Due to this people avoid going to the forest. Those who go, get hit by the bomb and lose their lives. 

Six villagers died in the Kolhan area in the last five months. This death is not normal. This is part of the war that is going on between Maoists and security forces. Six villagers were killed after being hit by an IED bomb planted by Maoists. More than 18 security forces personnel are also injured after being hit by the IED. The numbers are increasing every day.

Maoists have laid IED bombs in many villages of Kolhan. The life of the villagers depends on the forest. It is becoming difficult to go to the forest, let alone get out of the house. Many villages have been surrounded from all sides. The villagers are safe neither inside the house nor outside.

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