271 women killed in Jharkhand accused of witchcraft

Ranchi: In Jharkhand, the process of killing women accused of witchcraft is not taking the name of stopping.

From the year 2015 to May 31, 2023, 271 women across the state have been murdered on the allegation of witchcraft. In most of the cases, the relatives have taken the lives of their near and dear ones by getting trapped in the affair of superstition.

In some cases, women have been murdered on the allegation of witchcraft in order to grab the land.

It is not that the administration does not take action in such cases.

The administration arrests the accused and sends them to jail, also runs an awareness campaign among the people.

People are advised to stay away from superstition.

But despite all the efforts of the government in the rural areas of the state, the cases of murder of women accused of witchcraft are not decreasing.

Only the people or relatives of the village are involved in the Daayan Bisahi massacre.

Police make 99 arrests even in witch murder cases, but such murder cases are not taking the name of decreasing.

Most of the people living in the rural areas of Jharkhand go to quacks or ojha first in case of outbreak of any disease.

When nothing can be done by quack doctors and exorcists, then they call a woman from the neighborhood responsible for this and make her a witch.

At present, the health facilities in the villages are not good and in such a situation doctors and exorcists are the only support of the people.

Harassment of a woman who has been declared a witch by Ojha starts and many times people even kill her.

People get trapped in the affair of superstition and kill their loved ones.

If any member of the household falls ill repeatedly, fever, stomach ache, not eating food, crying at night, sleeplessness, less crop in the village, less water or more water, ill health of animals.

It is assumed that someone has been evil-eyed or someone has committed suicide.

And then the process of harassment of women starts and even murders are done.

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