Creating diamonds out of thin air

New Delhi (IANSlife) It sounds like alchemy: taking the lightest thing on earth – air – and turning it into one of the earth’s hardest diamonds. Pooja Sheth, the Founder and Managing Director of Mumbai-based Limelight Lab-Grown Diamonds – India’s … read more

The Master of spices

New Delhi (IANSlife) Harjinder Singh, also known as Chef Sweety Singh, has been preparing Punjabi cuisine since the age of 19. His father began working as a chef at a young age and moved to Delhi from Amritsar in the … read more

Grab the best seat

New Delhi (IANSlife) Unabashedly cheer your favourite team in spirit and in cuisine, with a regionally inspired food menu that will leave you stumped, to an unhinged hawk’s-eye view of a screen. As the cricket season has begun! Monkey Bar … read more

5 habits people with great skin have

New Delhi (IANSlife) Some people appear to have naturally beautiful, glowing skin. While genetics can play a part in how your skin looks and feels, it’s more often your daily habits that have an impact. Nehaa Juneja, Founder of SkinWorks … read more

10 Days of Cleaning

New Delhi (IANSlife) Typically, the spring season entails packing away the winter clothes and bringing out the summer dresses. With the change of seasons comes the opportunity to host family and friends for a get-together. This means that the house … read more

Japan’s finest green tea now in India

New Delhi (IANSlife) Japan’s green tea or ‘Ocha’ as it is referred to locally, is loved across the world for its restorative qualities. Now, EIJ Consulting Pvt. Ltd., is bringing Shizuru’s ‘Ocha’ green tea to India in three distinct flavours … read more