World Tribal Day – People enjoying delicious traditional tribal dishes

Ranchi: Many stalls have been set up to showcase tribal culture, art and food in the program organized at Birsa Munda Memorial Park on the occasion of World Tribal Day.

People are coming in large numbers to learn about tribal culture, art, food and taste tribal delicious dishes through these stalls. A total of 14 stalls have been set up in the program for tribal cuisine.

Mahua Pitha, Dal Pitha, Dumbu Chutney, Onion Dumplings, Rice Peel, Chickpeas, Rugda Vegetable, Chana Vegetable, Mahua Peela, Dhuska, Gulgula, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Mutton Bhaat, Desi Chicken Rice and many other dishes are available in these stalls are available.

A large number of people are coming to these stalls and enjoying the tribal cuisine. The people who came here say that through this program we are getting a chance to eat delicious tribal traditional dishes.

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