Winter Session: For second consecutive day noisy scenes witnessed inside assembly

Ranchi: For the second consecutive day noisy scenes were witnessed inside the Jharkhand Assembly during the ongoing Winter Session forcing the Speaker to adjourn the once before the lunch break and soon after the post lunch session however amid the uproar Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon tabled the second supplementary budget for the fiscal 2022-23 worth Rs 8355 crore in the floor of the house. As soon as the house assembled for the day the MLAs of the BJP created an uproar over the recruitment policy and came into the well of the house carrying placards during which they also indulged in slogan shouting thumping of desks. 

Speaker Ravindranath Mahto urged the MLAs to return back to their seats and allow the house to take up the question hour but his appeal did not have any impact on the MLAs who continued with their slogan shouting inside the well of the house. Prior to that the Speaker tried to run the question hour and amid the slogan shouting made Saryu Rai ask his question which was replied by Minister Mithlesh Thakur however amid the noise the reply could not be heard.

AJSU MLA Lambodar Mahto asked a question related to Balu Ghats and their auctioning over which Minister Badal said that from November 2019-20 to November 2022 revenue of Rs 23,445 crore has been earned as revenue from auctioning of Balu Ghats and Stone Mines lease etc. The minister further said that there are a total of 21 Balu Ghats of Category one in Jharkhand while category two Balughats are being run by JSMDC. Further 563 mining lease pattas and 559 stock yards are functional. 

In between Poariyhaat MLA Pradeep Yadav informed the house that an MP from the state had made objectionable comments against the Chief Minister which should be condemned and a condemn motion should be passed from the house and sent to Lok Sabha Speaker. JMM MLA Sudiyva Kumar also demanded that a condemn motion be brought against the MP. Joining the issue
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Aalamgir Aalam also gave his consent over the matter.

Soon many MLAs of the Congress party and those from the JMM came into the well of the house and indulged in slogan shouting against the remarks made against the Chief Minister and demanded the Speaker to issue directives from the chair over which the Speaker assured that as per law decision will be taken by him after which he adjourned the house till 12.45 PM. After the house reassembled at 12.45 PM the noise from the two sides continued due to which all issues to be raised via zero hour was accepted. 

Thereafter Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon tabled the second supplementary bill after which the house was adjourned till 2 PM (Lunch Break). In the second half of the day the state government withdrew three bills which were passed by the assembly and sent to the Raj Bhawan but they were returned to the government by the Governor citing some flaws. Due proposals was moved in the house by different ministers for the withdrawal of the bills which were taken back after voting.

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