Will AJSU supremo Sudesh Mahto become Minister in Raghubar government ?

Ranchi: The AJSU party which has managed to open its account in the Lok Sabha is expected to lobby hard for seeking ministerial berths in both the central and the state government.

Though the leaders of the party are not openly saying anything on the issue but inside the party preparations are on so that even party supremo Sudesh Mahto can become a minister in the state government.

On the other hand newly elected Giridih MP is also expected to bag a portfolio in the Union cabinet. The AJSU party will make a claim for a berth in the state cabinet as after Mr Chowdhary was elected to MP a seat in their quota has become vacant and in such circumstances, names of Rajkishore Mahto and Ramchandra Sahis are doing the rounds.

Despite being critic of the state government the recent relation between the two parties has cooled down which is depicted from the fact that large cut outs of Mr Modi and Amit Shah are in place in the central headquarters of the party.

On the other hand central spokesperson of the party Devsharan Bhagat said that the party was ready to fulfill any responsibility which would be given to them.

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