Why the world needs the Indian DPI experience

New Delhi, July 11 (IANS) Recently the Indian and the US governments announced their intent to develop a ‘US India Global Digital Development Partnership’ under which the two countries will bring together technology and resources from both countries to enable development and deployment of DPIs in developing countries. The reason is obvious.

India’s remarkable experience and success in developing a robust Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) hold immense importance, as they now contribute significant weightage to the partnership between India and the US in building DPI for other nations. The Indian collaboration in this realm is driven by a strong commitment to social inclusiveness and citizen benefits, making it a vital pillar of the DPI framework.

India’s journey in establishing a thriving DPI ecosystem has been guided by the principle of inclusiveness. Recognising the importance of digital access as a fundamental right, India has strived to bridge the digital divide and ensure that every citizen has equal opportunities to participate in the digital realm. The country’s success in implementing inclusive digital initiatives, such as the Aadhaar system, digital payment solutions with UPI, Covid vaccination drive through CoWin showcases its ability to deliver citizenry public services to citizens through technology.

The partnership between India and the US in building DPI for other nations brings together the strengths and expertise of two major democracies. India’s experience in addressing the diverse needs of its massive population, coupled with the technological prowess, financial capital strength and innovation ecosystem of the US, creates a powerful collaboration that can effectively cater to the unique requirements of nations worldwide.

One of the key advantages of India’s DPI experience lies in its focus on citizen-centric benefits. By placing citizens at the core of digital initiatives, India has demonstrated a deep understanding of the transformative power of technology in improving lives. The collaborative efforts between India and the US can ensure that any DPI framework developed for other nations is designed to prioritise citizen needs, enhance access to essential services, and foster economic empowerment.

Moreover, India’s success in building a resilient and scalable DPI infrastructure is invaluable. The country’s digital ecosystem has witnessed exponential growth and has proven its ability to adapt to increasing demands. This experience equips India to guide other nations in building a digital infrastructure that can accommodate rapid technological advancements and evolving citizen requirements.

India’s DPI experience also highlights the importance of data privacy and security. As nations strive to leverage digital platforms, ensuring the protection of citizen data and establishing robust privacy frameworks become crucial. India’s collaborative efforts can contribute to the development of global standards for data privacy and security, setting an example for other countries and instilling trust in the digital realm.

The social inclusiveness and citizen benefits that form the pillars of India’s DPI framework align perfectly with the shared vision of the partnership between India and the US. By integrating these principles into the DPI initiatives extended to other nations, the collaboration aims to empower marginalised communities, bridge digital divides, and foster socio-economic development. Hopefully we can use such partnerships to shape a better world.

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