Why speed dating is relevant in today’s time

New Delhi (IANSlife) What if there was another way to give love a shot than to swipe on hundreds of profiles online? Well, for those who are app-fatigued or believe in old school meet-cutes, speed dating could be a refreshing change to speed-meet a potential match in a physical setting, on a quick date that’s just a few minutes long.

While most singles are no stranger to an array of dating apps, speed dating is still very much relevant, and here’s why – while getting a date may not be so difficult in today’s times, finding a good match definitely is.

Priyanka Kuka, Co-Founder of Not So Arranged explains why speed dating is now more relevant than ever, as singles look for their perfect match while skimming through an array of profiles – just in the physical world.

The idea of speed dating is fairly simple: Singles will register with the organiser ahead of time, fill out a form about themselves and answer questions about what they’re looking for. Then in a restaurant or a similar setting, an even number of men or women will take turns going around the tables in a circle, introducing themselves and finding a ‘click’ with the person they are speed-meeting. Both parties keep a list of people they’d want to take things forward with, and then a real date is set up, or their contact information is mutually shared.

A much-needed face experience: Sure, one can swipe away endlessly on an app but nothing will ever compare to an in-person experience. That’s when you actually gauge the other person’s vibe as well as your connection together. After all, chemistry really does happen in person!

When we spend so much of our time online right from work and entertainment to even banking and ordering essentials etc, meeting someone online can feel like a disembodied transaction – something similar to ‘shopping’ for a match.

A face-to-face connection that comes with speed dating can be incredibly refreshing. And especially after the past couple of years, when even the skeptics had no choice but to go online to find love, people are more than happy to finally step out and meet potential interests in real life.

Your chance to have love at first sight: There’s nothing that gets people talking than instant attraction, that electric spark that gets your love hormones flowing. If you’re the type that looks for a story to tell your grandchildren, speed dating has an equal amount of unpredictable thrill within a moderated and respectful setting.

Quick and guilt-free: Speed dating is quite an efficient concept to help meet people in a short amount of time. You get a few minutes to see if there are any first sparks or vibes with a person, if so you have the option to connect and explore it with them after, and if not, that’s absolutely fine since you haven’t invested much time or effort into it it’s easy to move on to the next. If your match isn’t a mature communicator, speed dating also eliminates chances of getting ghosted or being ‘left on read’, if there are no sparks.

No catfishing: Catfishing and online impersonation are more common than we think. With people pretending to be someone they’re not – ranging from a spectrum of using old images to image filters that enhance bodily features and even stolen images to create a fake identity – meeting someone in person can be a safer way to date. Research also suggests that it’s easier to ascertain physical characteristics like height, eye color, and body language while meeting in person.

One would agree there aren’t too many options available for single people looking to establish a meaningful connection and that’s what makes speed dating very much relevant. Whether you’re app-fatigued or just open to exploring new avenues, it can turn out to be quite a fun experience, whether you actually meet someone or not.

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