When Radhika Madan got injured from hanging between two poles and did a retake

Mumbai (IANS) Actress Radhika Madan, who is gearing up for her streaming series ‘Saas, Bahu aur Flamingo’, shared an incident from the sets of the show when she had to slide from second floor to the ground floor during a scene. However, things didn’t go as planned and it led to Radhika hanging between two poles after being launched off a conveyor belt.

The actress said: “For one of the action scenes, there was this conveyor belt from the second floor to the ground floor, and I had to slide from this second floor to the ground floor. I was really fired up and super excited to shoot this scene because I really like doing action scenes. In fact, all the action scenes in Saas, Bahu aur Flamingo that are there, I have done it myself, I really don’t like using stunt doubles. So for this particular scene, I started the sequence and mid-way through it, I realised that my shoe or my heel had gotten stuck to the side and I flew and bounced off the belt.”

She further mentioned: “While I had all the necessary protection with a harness, the thrust of the push wasn’t regulated and hence threw me off the ground so I was left hanging between two poles after a great launch from the conveyor belt. There was pin drop silence on the set after this happened because everyone got really concerned in case I had hurt myself and I did get an injury mark on my leg. After they got me off, my concern was did we at least get the shot, and I turned to Homi and asked him if he needed one more and he just looked at me and asked me to give one more take to this and there I was, doing this all over again, this time, successfully.”

Produced by Maddock Films, the series is directed by Homi Adajania and also stars Dimple Kapadia, Angira Dhar and Isha Talwar in pivotal roles along with Ashish Verma, Varun Mitra, Udit Arora, Deepak Dobriyal and Monica Dogra.

‘Saas Bahu aur Flamingo’ will stream on Disney+ Hotstar from May 5.

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