Weather changed after rain, temperature dropped and cold increased in many parts of Jharkhand

Ranchi: Due to cold wind and fog, cold has increased in many areas of Jharkhand. It is raining in many districts of the state. It has been raining at many places since late night. It has rained overnight in Chaibasa. It has been raining in Ghatshila and Jamtara since morning. There has been drizzle in Dhanbad and Bokaro also. It is cloudy in the capital Ranchi but it is not raining yet. The Meteorological Department has also issued a yellow alert in this regard.

In the capital Ranchi, dense fog covered the entire city in the morning. In many districts the weather pattern was seen changing since morning. Clouds were seen at some places, fog at some places and rain at some places. The weather has changed. Cold has increased in many districts including Ranchi. There will be dense fog at many places.

The minimum temperature in the state will gradually increase by two to three degrees in the next two to three days. After this, there will be a drop of two to three degrees in the next two to three days. From January 19 onwards there will be fog and mist in the morning followed by partly cloudy sky. The weather will be dry. Such situation is likely to last from 19th to 23rd January.

During this period, the maximum temperature will be between 24 to 25 degrees and the minimum will be between 10 to 11 degrees. There is no possibility of relief from cold till 23rd, after that there is a possibility of some reduction. If we look at the weather patterns in the last 24 hours, the weather in the state has been dry. 

The highest temperature was recorded at 26.4 degrees Celsius in West Singhbhum, while the lowest temperature was recorded at 7 degrees Celsius in Gumla. A slight increase in minimum temperatures has been recorded in some parts of the state. The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility that it may increase further in a few days. 

The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of rain in some parts of the state today. It may rain in some areas of the state tomorrow also. There may be a slight drop in temperature after the rain. There is a possibility of rain in central and eastern parts of the state today. There may be rain in many parts of the state. There may be a slight drop after a sudden increase in temperature. Due to rain, the temperature may drop in some parts of the state. You will feel a little cold in the morning. Even in areas where there is a possibility of rain, there will not be heavy rain, there may be light rain.

After January 18, the weather may change once again. There may be a slight increase in temperature after this. Due to low visibility, the flight coming from Pune to Ranchi was diverted to Bhubaneswar Airport on Wednesday. The night flight from Ranchi to Bangalore had to be cancelled. The evening flight from Ranchi to Delhi also remained cancelled. More than 10 flights arrived at Ranchi airport late by one to two hours from the scheduled time. Neither the airline company nor the airport authority is giving information to the passengers about the delay and when the flight will take off.

On Wednesday, passengers remained worried throughout the day due to the delay in flight. Angry passengers scolded the representatives of the airline companies.

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