PM Narendra Modi said, Congress-JMM do not know the stage of development

Jamshedpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting was held in Ghatshila, Jamshedpur. Where he fiercely targeted his opponents. The PM said that Congress does not even know the stage of development. Jharkhand state is so rich, but the people here are poor.

Congress-JMM-RJD have made Jharkhand a den of plunder. The name of the state brings to mind a mountain of notes. Without taking the name of Hemant Soren, he said that the loot here is such that these people did not even leave the army land.

Imagine what kind of habit of theft you have developed. Without taking the name of Rahul Gandhi, he said that the prince’s language is like that of Maoists, he opposes industry and investment. Congress is the mother of corruption. JMM-Congress have only filled their coffers. The Constitution of the country is under threat from Congress. They want to snatch the reservation of OBC-backward people.

The PM had come here to campaign in favour of BJP candidate Vidyut Varan Mahato. NDA candidate and MP Vidyut Varan Mahato is facing JMM’s Sameer Mohanty. The PM said that the Constitution is under threat from the Indi alliance. Indi alliance wants to end the reservation of OBC, SC and ST and give it to Muslims. I told them to write that they will not give reservation for OBCs and backward classes to Muslims, but they are silent.

No reply has been received yet. The PM further said that the Parliament seat seems to be his family’s. If you are retiring yourself then you will not get a dedicated worker for years. Handing over to son. Jharkhand has to be saved from such family based parties.

The PM said that Prince has fled from Wayanad to Rae Bareli. And telling everyone, this is my mother’s seat. Even if a child goes to school, he doesn’t say that this is my father’s school. Even though he teaches in school. His mother is also saying that I have handed over my son.

People ask that you have come to Rae Bareli to give your son, but did you even once ask about our condition during the time of Covid? Taking aim at Rahul Gandhi, the PM said that the prince’s language is that of Maoists and Naxalites. Anyway, Naxalites demand extortion from those setting up industries. You tell me, should those who use mountains of such notes get even a single vote? Congress never cared for you.

I challenge the CM of Congress penal state. This is not a political statement. This is my challenge to them. Because the prince opposes industry, opposes investment. What will happen to their states? Which industrialists will set up industries there?

I ask the young soldiers of those states which industry will come from the language of the prince. Industrialists will also think that when the Prince has such language then the CM will also be like that. Then don’t tell me when industries don’t come to your state.

PM said that Congress is the mother of corruption. Congress did many scams including 2G scam, coal etc. Made records of scams. Attacking RJD, the PM said that money was taken from poor people in exchange for jobs. 

The land of poor tribals was grabbed. Even the army’s land was grabbed. Whose money are the piles of notes that have been recovered? PM Modi said that all this money is your rightful money. Jharkhand is so strong in mineral wealth, but why is there so much poverty here?

On hearing the name of Jharkhand, the thought of a pile of notes comes to mind. Congress and JMM people have saved black money in their houses. Congress, JMM and RJD have looted our Jharkhand on every front.

The PM said that Congress does not even know the ins and outs of development. Their job is to lie, speak loudly, and speak here and there. They will X-ray the property of the poor. Will abuse me. Can’t do anything more than this.

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