‘We don’t need certificate from Jharkhand State BJP President Babulal Marandi, because he is performing Drama in Santhal’ – JMM

Ranchi: Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) General Secretary Supriyo Bhattacharya said, Jharkhand State BJP President and Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Babulal Marandi played politics and performed drama in Santhal Pargana. He said, while addressing a press conference at the party office in Ranchi on Tuesday. 

Babulal Marandi is not aware about government policies and actions to curb Malaria and other diseases from Santhal Paragana. He forgot that the Jharkhand Government provided compensation to the tribals. Bhattacharya said, it is a curse for the state to have such disease in remote areas of Santhal Pargana.

He added, it is difficult to reach Sundarpahari, to treat primitive tribes. Pahariya and Malpaharia tribes are suffering from disease. JMM MP Vijay Hansda has a camp in Santhal Pargana. Bhattacharya said, I wanted to ask Babulal Marandi and his party BJP, Why is the Uttarakhand Chief Minister and Prime Minister not visiting the site of tunnel collapse. Babulal, makes mockery of sensitive issues. He added, why don’t they go to Manipur?

Supriyo Bhattacharya said, Jharkhand CM, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Civil Surgeon, MP and MLA from Santhal Paragana are monitoring the matter. Babulal and his party BJP is playing dirty politics. He said, Babulal forgot when he was CM, False firing was held in Tapkara. Several deaths on Netaharat Firing Range.

Babulal Marandi is visiting Santhal Pargana on government arrangements because he was a former CM. Bhattacharya said, Babulal Marandi abused BJP for the last 14 Years and he insulted the 2019 Mandate of State Assembly Election and joined BJP. He added, People cast their vote in favour of JMM Chief Shibu Soren’s struggle and respected CM Hemant Soren’s 2019 mandate.

Babulal Marandi was sold in the hands of the BJP because he had been bargained. Bhattacharya said, we don’t need certificates from Babulal Marandi. He added, BJP forget under the leadership of CM Hemant Soren Covid Lockdown was managed efficiently. Migrant labourers reached their native town due to the efforts of CM Hemant Soren.

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