Ola, Uber taxi drivers protest in front of Raj Bhavan with their demands

Ranchi:  Jharkhand Pradesh Taxi Union staged a protest in front of Raj Bhavan on Tuesday. A protest was held against the commercial use of private vehicles and motorcycles.

Union President Amit Ojha, who was present on the spot, said that 55,000 to 60,000 thousand registered Ola and Uber vehicles are running in the state. More than 5000 registered vehicles are running on the roads in the capital Ranchi alone.

e all start the work by getting all the necessary documents done and paying the tax before driving the car on the road. But at present, many people in the entire state including Ranchi are providing taxi services without commercial registration.

Due to this, the government is losing more than Rs 2000 crore of revenue every year. Along with this, our income has decreased due to unregistered vehicles plying on the road. We held this protest and we also gave a memorandum to the Governor to make the government aware of the problem, so that these unregistered vehicles can be curbed.

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