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New Delhi (IANSlife) As we usher in 2024 whether you’re a culture connoisseur, a culinary adventurer, or a nature seeker, the year holds promises of unforgettable experiences in some of the world’s most captivating cities. From the iconic landmarks boasting a historical significance to the hidden gems pulsating with modern energy, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 cities to visit in 2024.

Udaipur, India

According to American Express Travel’s 2024 Trending Destinations: Off the Beaten Path, Udaipur is among the top 10 cities to travel in the world. The 2024 list of Popular Destinations highlights some of the globe’s most frequented locations and suggests off-the-beaten-path alternatives.

The uber-romantic city of lakes and palaces, has a magical sense of historical grandeur. The single biggest attraction of the White City is its main palace complex, a granite-and-marble riot of cupolas and balconies followed by the 17th-century island palace called Jag Mandir.

Earlier this year, the American Express Travel 2023 Global Travel Trends report found that 89% of respondents want to travel to destinations they’ve never visited before and Udaipur should be on the top of your 2023 travel list!

Florence, Italy

Florence in Italy, is known for the mesmerizing Botti cellis hanging in the Uffizi Gallery and the detailed look at the Medici family tree, as per a survey conducted by Travel + Leisure.

As you step into Florence, you’re embraced by the cradle of the Renaissance, as this is a city where art and culture blend seamlessly with ancient streets, art treasures, rich culinary scene, architectural marvels like the Duomo, and not to forget the stunning Arno River and a romantic skyline.

Tokyo, Japan

According to a report by Resonance Consultancy, Tokyo continues to rank among the most livable cities in the world. The city also retains its top position for shopping, with iconic retail destinations like Ginza’s luxury department stores and the newly enhanced Ginza Six shopping centre.

Tokyo, in essence, is a city where futuristic technology meets ancient traditions, thereby presenting an electrifying destination for 2024 travelers. The city pulses with vibrant energy, be it the neon-lit streets of Akihabara to the serene beauty of the Meiji Shrineo ran array of culinary experiences from Michelin-starred restaurants to quaint ramen shops.

The city’s renovated Miyashita Park also offers a wealth of boutique shops, restaurants, and even a hotel with views of Shibuya, accompanied by recreational facilities such as volleyball courts and a skatepark.

Paris, France

The French capital Paris, which houses landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, is one of the best places to travel in 2024 according to Conde Nast. It is one of world’s most livable cities as per the EIU, a sister organization to The Economist, which ranks cities around the world on a number of significant factors.

Through the ages, Paris has remained the epitome of romance and elegance. This timeless city, with its iconic Eiffel Tower, charming cafés, and world-class art museums like the Louvre, continues to capture the hearts of travelers.

Parisian fashion, history, and the bohemian spirit intertwine in the city’s streets, offering endless discoveries and the quintessential Parisian experience.

Tainan, Taiwan

Tainan in Taiwan, known for its centuries-old fortresses and temples, is among the Coolest Places to Visit in the New Year 2024 as per a survey conducted by National Geographic. The ancient capital of Taiwan, Tainan offers a unique blend of history, culture, and gastronomy in 2024.

Often referred to as the “City of Snacks,” and the oldest city in Taiwan, Tainan is a living museum, brimming with ancient temples like the Confucius Temple, historical architecture, and traditional markets.

The city also offers a vibrant arts scene, with galleries and cultural festivals celebrating both its rich past and dynamic present.

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