Two women died, one injured due to collapse of illegal mica mining in Giridih

Giridih:  Two women died while one was injured during illegal mica excavation in Parsauni of Gavan police station area of Giridih. The deceased woman has been identified as Phulwa Devi (30), husband Sanjay Ravidas, of Govindpur (Bihar) police station area, Tuni Devi, husband Sukhdev Ravidas, resident of Birne, Gavan police station area.

Geeta Devi, husband Manoj Ravidas, resident of Parsauni was injured in the incident. It is said that this incident happened during mica mining on Friday. Efforts were being made to suppress the incident. People were trying to run away with the dead body on a bike at night, but after seeing the police patrol vehicle, they started running here and there. After which the police recovered the bodies and started an investigation.

On May 14 also, a child died in Tarai due to a cave-in. In that case also, the mine operator hushes up the matter and disposes of the dead body. Later the police also arrived, but could not recover the body. Here, mica smugglers are carrying out illegal mica excavation in the forest land right under the nose of the forest department and the police.

Such incidents occur frequently due to continuous mining of mica in forested areas. Despite this, due to fear and greed of MICA mafia, people remain silent when questioned. Many people lost their lives in the past decade due to greed for a few rupees.

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