Fire in Jamshedpur’s timber warehouse, loss worth millions of rupees

Jamshedpur: A massive fire broke out in the wood warehouse located in Burma Mines, Jamshedpur on Saturday morning. The fire was so fierce that its flames were visible from a distance. A cloud of smoke filled the sky.

At present, after five hours of hard work, several fire tenders have brought the fire under control. There is news of loss worth lakhs in this incident. However, how the fire started is not yet known. However, local people believe that the fire broke out due to a short circuit.

Immediately after the fire broke out, a large number of local people gathered and started trying to control the fire. The owner of Lakshmi Timber said that wood cutting work is done there and rubber work is also done there. Local people said that electricity theft occurs in the area. Many people also hang out at this place, smoke cigarettes, alcohol and ganja.

Short circuits during cigarette or stolen electricity can also cause fire. A complaint has been made to the police station regarding hoarding, but no action was taken. The owner of Lakshmi Timber said that the fire broke out around 5:30 in the morning and spread rapidly within an hour around 6:30. The fire has been brought under control after 5 hours of hard work.

MLA Mangal Kalindi, MLA and Vidyut Varan Mahato, contesting on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ticket from Jamshedpur Lok Sabha seat, and Grand Alliance candidate Sameer Mohanty have assured to reach the spot and investigate the entire matter.

Local people also Told that there is rubber packing near the temple, it is on fire. Since the fire started in rubber waste, the flames were more intense, due to which the fire brigade had a lot of difficulty in controlling the fire. A large quantity of wood was kept near the place where the fire broke out.

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