Tribals are the patrons of arts and culture: Guv

Jamshedpur, Mar 26: Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu said that the
tribal society were the patrons of the arts and culture of which dance
and music was an in separable part of their lives.
Addressing the Baha  festival organised by the Bahan Banga
Committee at Behragora she said that in almost allthe communities
dance and music find a prominent place. She said that in all cultural
buildings there should be separate dance and music room so that the
tribal folk art and dance get an opportunity to flourish and grow.

The governor said that Behragora was a place where different
languages reside and exist together as people speak Bangla, Odiya,
Hindi and Santhali. She said that the welfare department has been
instructed to construct boundar wall at Jaher  Sthan. She urged the
people to incorporate the habit of planting trees to protect the
environment as tres not only help to keep the natural habitat clean
but also protect from various diseases.
Those present on the occasion also included Behragora MLA Kunal
Sadangi, DC Amit Kumar and SSP Anup T Mathew.


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