Trial of token system in Sadar Hospital in Ranchi

Ranchi: The token system to be started for patients in Sadar Hospital was trialed on Thursday.

A token vending machine has been installed near the registration counter in the old building of the hospital complex.

During the trial, a dummy patient repeated the entire process from registration to waiting outside the OPD and consulting the doctor after being admitted to the hospital.

The average waiting period during this entire process was about 37 minutes.

After this period, the patient will see his token number on the display in the venting area and an announcement will be heard after his turn has come.

During the trial, representatives of the wedding company as well as people from the hospital management were present.

After increasing the facilities in Sadar Hospital, about 1200 to 1500 patients come to a dozen OPDs of the hospital every day.

In times of seasonal diseases, this figure reaches up to two thousand every day.

In such a situation, patients have to stand for hours to get a consultation in OPD.

Once the token system becomes operational, patients will wait on the chair until their turn and will enter the chamber for consultation with the doctor as soon as the token number is displayed.

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