Top five millennial things to try to do this Independence Day

New Delhi (IANSlife) What really piques the interest of the millennials, who are considered the first generation of digital natives? As they are more dynamic and ambitious than their predecessors, independence holds varied sentiments for them. We talked to a few experts, successful entrepreneurs and corporate stalwarts to find out what could be the top five millennial things to try this Independence Day.

Removing Technological Barriers

According to Abhinav Girdhar, founder of Indian multinational no-code platform Appy Pie, “It would be an excellent idea for the millennial to declare freedom from technological barriers and hassles like coding. Whatever we do is better when aided by technology, especially in the Covid-hit scenario. For instance, any business that needs to survive today needs tools like apps, websites etc, but there are many young millennials who neither have the resources nor the skills for the purpose.”

He further says, “They too can achieve freedom from the barriers by adopting no-code solutions. Anyone can turn an idea into an app, design or website using the DIY drag and drop process. Learning how to use no-code platforms would enable anyone to earn a living on their own terms. Also, it would add a fresh paradigm to the Independence Day by helping the Startup India mission scale new heights.”

Going Paperless

Taking the same line of thoughts forward, Srini Dokka, who is VP Sales at MSB Docs, a smart document solution provider recognised under the Startup India programme, says, “Freedom today has many meanings and everyone is free to celebrate it the way they want. My message to the millennial entrepreneurs is to contribute through their businesses and startups toward lowering carbon footprint, which could be a menace for all living beings. They can say no to paper-based processes by going for document digitization and smart signature solutions.” He further says, “The solutions would not only save the environment but can make the business processes to a whole lot faster. Therefore, freedom from paper-based processes are what the millennial need at this point in time, so that they evolve to be individuals who are smart, productive and conscious toward their surroundings and environment.”

Battling stress and Anxiety

According to Himalayan Siddha, Grand Master Akshar, The millennial generation have a spectacular Independence Day to look forward to this year. The pandemic gave the millennials the opportunity to create a strong and loving bond with their families. The time spent during lockdown brought families closer together and allowed them to express their feelings of togetherness and built harmony within the home. The world also saw how doctors and the medical industry sacrificed their own lives in order to save millions of people around the world.

The millennial generation has remained resolute in spirit and has been resilient in this battle. They have handled the situation with grace and kept stress, anxiety and depression away. This they achieved through the practice of yoga, meditation, pranayama and other positive activities.

Along with these important and defining moments in our lives, the Olympics was also a demonstration of how the world stood united against the pandemic and continues to fight bravely towards victory. Indians have fared excellently in the Olympic event and have reaped many honours that we can be inspired by. India has brought home the gold and this has further boosted the spirit of unity among people. As this victory comes to us as we approach our Independence Day, it has created positive momentum. With this renewed energy, the millennial generation are determined to put India on the global map

Minimizing Added Health Woes

“In the wake of the pandemic situation, the current generation of millennials, especially those who just became or expecting to become new moms, need freedom from any added health-related problems. They require conscious care and grooming for themselves as well as their little ones, for which they need to banish chemical and toxin-laden products from their regimen. Adopting Ayurvedic or other nature-oriented solutions for daily skin, hair or body care should be the top thing to do, particularly for millennial moms,” says Himanshu Gandhi, the co-founder and CEO of Indian baby and mother care brand — Mother Sparsh.

Embracing Innovation

Archit Agarwal, the co-founder of Indian audio and wearable brand ‘Cross beats’,

says, “The top millennial thing to try doing this Independence Day is striking equilibrium between style and health. Instead of oximeters, blood pressure machines etc, the millennial should focus on the wearable space and probably go for buying a smartwatch that is trendy and comes equipped with key health trackers. The freedom of wearing health with style on the wrist is also the need of the hour as this Independence Day follows mayhem unleashed by the pandemic.”

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